This is a page of game solutions for the Intensity XS games

Part 1: Mon Saanti Ship Database

Craft Name Extra Information Availability
Mon Saanti Interceptors The Interceptors are the "cannonfodder" of the Mon Saanti fleet. These small craft pose little threat when confronted alone, but can overwhelm their adversaries with sheer numbers, using coordinated attacks and intricate flight patterns to their advantage Variable (see info)
Marauders The Marauder is a powerful "first strike" weapon, first employed by the Mon Saanti Empire during its invasion of the M-7754 star system. The swiftness of that victory demonstrates the effectiveness of this highly advanced attack craft. The Empire has produced the Marauder in increasing numbers since that battle, and entire swarms of these birds of prey have been detected on all fronts of the current conflict. All Versions
A-14 ReGenerator The A-14 ReGenerator can be a formidable enemy. Its main weapon system consists of three frontal MK-2 laser cannons which do relatively little damage. Its main defence, however, consists of several lifeboats that are jettisoned from a destroyed ship. These lifeboats develop into full-sized ReGenerators if they are not destroyed in time. A single ReGenerator can quickly turn into a fleet of ships if the lifeboats are not eliminated. All Versions
Jammer The Jammer is a sentinel drone that has been stationed in a defensive perimeter around Mon Saanti Prime. Its extremely long radar range enables it to notice and intercept incoming ships at great distances. Once it engages enemy crafts, it pinpoints and scrambles their navigational systems, putting the ship and its crew in extreme danger. Pilots being intercepted by a Jammer for the first time often do not live to recount the experience, as the shock of losing control of their ship leaves them vulnerable to enemy fire. Registered Version Only
Automated Defence Drones The Masters of the Mon Saanti Empire, an ancient race of unknown origin, have long left the realm of purely organic beings. Using genetic modification and quantum nano-technology they long ago began to replace their own species with advanced versions of themselves. One of the earliest experiments of the Mon Saanti military was the duplication and transplant of a being's consciousness into the network of a machine, enabling a single master to control multiple unmanned craft without being physically present. Variable (see info)
NetShot Attack/Defence Craft Originally developed by the ancient Kry'Lrr, and appropriated by the Mon Saanti Empire through conquest, the "NetShot" is a bizarre melding of ancient and alien technologies. It is said that the Mon Saanti have no way of repairing or even properly maintaining these ships, as the knowledge of the underlying technology has been lost for centuries. Still, the Empire is recklessly using their limited supply of this craft to attack and defend on many fronts. All Versions
Mining Craft While the practice of deploying mines has been banned by most galactic civilizations for many centuries, the Mon Saanti Empire has decided to break these treaties and recklessly litter entire star systems with these high powered explosive devices. Typical targets have been the upper atmospheres of populated planets, leaving the inhabitants below isolated from their own fleet and causing countless civilian deaths. Registered Version Only
Torch Ship The Mon Saanti Torch Ship is a powerful first strike weapon, employed to disrupt enemy lines early in a battle. The initial approach of the Torch Ship is slow, masking its dangerous attack pattern: Without warning, the Torch Ship will fire its lethal quad laser batteries, then quickly accelerate to ramming speed using a powerful stream of plasma fire. The Pilots will then try to ram enemy capital ships, or even enter the atmosphere of besieged planets to strike civilian targets on the surface below. All Versions
IXS Corruptor Recently, a manufacturing plant of the Y'Kanna Corporation was raided by Mon Saar forces. The raiders were able to steal a number of prototype designs. Since then, strikingly similar ships to our own have made appearances in the Mon Saar fleet. Intensity XS: Recharge Only
Sabre Wing The Sabre Wing has quickly become the workhorse of the Mon Saar fleet. Intensity XS: ReCharge Only
Guardians We know of an ancient race that used to rule the planet, then disappeared without a trace. Their history, and even their name, has been lost in time, but their ancient ruins still stand as a monument to their civilization. Intensity XS: ReCharge Only
K'rell Warper We have only recently become aware of the K'rell. Little is known about these strange beings; some have speculated that they inhabit a different universe or plane of existence than us, others propose that the K'rell are in fact the forgotten masters of Vanguard, yet others have suggested that the K'rell are not a species at all, but are the remnants of a fleet of intelligent ships that were trapped in hyperspace eons ago. Intensity XS: ReCharge Only
K'rell Shielder Equipped with similar technology than the K'rell Warper, the Shielder is also equipped with an extremely powerful shield that is impenetrable by our weapons. Intensity XS: ReCharge Only
HTE Transport Ship The High-Tech-Equipment Transport Ship is the primary supply ship for the Mon Saanti Invasion Force and therefore constitutes an important target for you. Destroying a Transport Ship not only disrupts enemy strategies, it also will allow you to salvage its cargo. All Versions
Torpedo Transport The torpedo transport is your only source of ammunition for your torpedo launcher. Each transport carries three such ammunition modules, each module can be used for one torpedo salvo. Modules are expelled at extremely high velocity upon destruction, you must be quick to collect any/all of them. All Versions
'StarWing' Heavy Attack Cruiser Developed during the Mon Saanti civil war, the StarWing remains a formidable foe and is still used to support the Mon Saanti fleet. This massive ship has hyperspace capability and deploys its eight wings after entering normal space. Each wing is tipped in a plasma generator, used both for propulsion and to assault the enemy with a swarm of plasma bullets. All Versions
'Vengeance' Bomber The "Vengeance" Bomber is a recent addition to the Mon Saanti fighting force. Originally designed for planetary and space station attacks, the "Vengeance" has proven to be effective in other encounters as well. It is equipped with two high-powered laser cannons, used primarily to punch a hole through its enemy's hull, and often crippling its adversary before a single shot can be returned. A battery of heat-seeking projectiles is used as a defence against close-range enemies. Registered Version / ReCharge Only
'Piercer' Carrier Craft The Mon Saanti Carrier Craft, nicknamed "Piercer", holds a battery of automated attack craft. All Versions
'Kraken' BattleShip The Kraken, with its tentacle-shaped ‘arms', was originally designed as a capital ship destroyer. Its four forward lasers are powerful enough to pierce through the armour of most larger ships, and its modular design allows it to continue its attack even if one or more of its "arms" have been disabled. Intensity XS: ReCharge Only
'StarFire' Heavy Bomber The StarFire is equipped with two primary weapon systems: two StarBurst cannons similar to those of the modified Kraken Battle Ship, as well as a K'rell Trapper - a plasma bubble capable of capturing and temporarily immobilizing your craft. Intensity XS: ReCharge Only
Mon Saar Dreadnought This mighty battle ship has become the flagship of the Mon Saar fleet. The Dreadnought is armed with two powerful forward lasers, a battery of plasma cannons as well as several ion-burst turrets. It also carriers several squadrons of Mon Saanti Interceptors, which it is capable of launching through one of two hangar bays. Finally, the Dreadnought is equipped with superiour armour and shielding, enabling it to withstand heavy fire power with very little damage. Intensity XS: ReCharge Only
K'rell Crystachean A massive entity - it is unclear whether it is a ship or an organic being - the Crystachean has only been tracked by our ships while in hyperspace and has never been encountered in normal space. Intensity XS: ReCharge Only
Dragoon The current conflict with the Mon Saanti Empire differs from previous confrontations in many respects. Their pure aggression and the sheer size of their invasion fleet have brought untold suffering to the affected star systems. But the most threatening aspect of this war is the development of the Mon Saanti BioForms. The Mon Saanti have enslaved many peaceful species, and have genetically enhanced and reprogrammed them to serve their new masters in this conflict. Such is the case with the Dragoon. Registred Version / ReCharge Only
Ultra Dragoon Far more massive than the original Dragoon breed, the Ultra Dragoon is certain to be a product of Mon Saanti genetic engineering. This creature is equipped with a variety of weapon systems, all of which it viciously uses to defend itself when cornered. Registred Version / ReCharge Only
Dragoon Breeding Pool The Dragoon Breeding Pool is the source of the genetically enhanced Dragoons that have begun to pour into neighbouring star systems. Registred Version Only
B'Lanta Podships The B'Lanta is an ancient race of hydrogen-breathers. These extraordinary creatures are able to survive not only in the upper atmospheres of planetary objects, but also in deep space itself. Schools of B'Lanta have been known to cross interstellar space in order to colonize new solar systems. Registred Version / ReCharge Only
Slithers Slithers are massive worms that wind their way through space, following an insatiable hunger for organic matter. They infest and reproduce in a myriad of ecosystems, destroying everything in their path. It is said that even the Mon Saanti regret letting these bio-engineered monstrosities loose, as they are no longer certain that even they can control them. Registred Version Only
The Crab The Crab is a massive BioForm constructed by the Mon Saanti to guard key installations of the empire. Given its size and power, a single Crab can be a formidable foe to any pilot. Registred Version Only
M'Yr Jellyfish One of the few remaining native life forms on Vanguard, the M'Yr have infested much of the expansive cave system below the planet's surface. Intensity XS: ReCharge Only
M'Yr Breeding Mound Only few M'Yr Breeding Mounds are known to exist, and the destruction of just one of them could help restore some balance to Vanguard's badly damaged eco-system. Intensity XS: ReCharge Only
The Hive Queen Little is known about the Mon Saanti Hive Queen, other than that this creature is the central intelligence controlling much of the BioForm mutation and production programs. Registred Version Only

Part 2: The IXS Prototype Craft

IXS Craft Info Extra Information Availability
Basic Ship Controls see article about the IXS Prototype Craft. All Versions
Bonus and Power-Up Modules

see article about the HTE Transport Ship

All Versions
Pulse Cannon (Lv 1-2) No data available. All Versions
Plasma Cannons (Lv 3-7) No data available. All Versions
Rail Gun (Lv 8-9) Rail Gun is one of the more powerful weapons in your arsenal, but it is also the most difficult to use effectively. It fires highly charged particles at velocities close to the speed of light. The projectiles are so energetic that they ionize particles surrounding them, creating colourful circular waves in their wake. All Versions
Shrapnel Bomb (Lv 10-11) The shrapnel bomb can be a decisive tool in your struggle against the Mon Saanti Empire. It is available in two different power configurations, and several techniques can be applied to maximize its effectiveness. Registered Version Only
Gravity Waves (Lv 12-13) The Gravity Waves emitter is one of the most advanced weapon systems available to the IXS Prototype Figher Craft. Waves will crash into enemy ships, twisting and distorting the external structure, eventually causing a critical hull breach. Registered Version Only
Flame Throwers (Lv 14-15) The final stage of the IXS weapon upgrades enables your craft to emit plasma projectiles at such a high rate that they effectively form a constant stream of plasma fire. Registered Version Only
Satelites No data available. All Versions
Torpedo Salvos Torpedo Salvos are fired using the right mouse button. You begin your mission with ammunition for three such salvos, additional ammunition can be collected by destroying torpedo transports. Your ship can carry enough ammunition for up to nine salvos, any extra ammunition is lost. All Versions

Part 3: General Gameplay Information

Topic Extra Information Availability
The Bonus System One of the many modules carried by the HTE Transport Ship is the multi-purpose Bonus module. As the module rotates, it continuously shifts its appearance, gradually spelling out the word B-O-N-U-S. Collect one, and that letter is added to your five bonus slots. Collect all five symbols, in any order, to complete the bonus sequence. All Versions
Intensity XS Difficulty Levels Intensity XS has three different difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard. These can be selected from both the Start Game and Options menus. All Versions
Scores and Hitpoints see article All Versions
Technical Support FAQ In general, make sure that you have up-to-date graphics and sound drivers installed, as well as the latest version of DirectX. A good place to look for current drivers is or the website of your driver manufacturer. DirectX updates can be downloaded at All Versions