IXS Bonus

Bonus Modules before collected (top)Bonus Modules after collected (bottom)

Bonus Modules are Modules that are carried by the HTE Transport Ship in the Intensity XS games.

The Bonus SystemEdit

One of the many Modules carried by the HTE Transport Ship is the multi-purpose Bonus Module.

As the Module rotates, it continuously shifts its appearance, gradually spelling out the word B-O-N-U-S. Collect one, and then that letter is added to your five bonus slots. Collect all five symbols, in any order, to complete the bonus sequence.

Completing the bonus sequence has several advantages:

1. A one-time credit bonus of +999 credits.

2. Additional modules are more likely to yield additional +250 credits, further increasing your score.

3. The ability to access the secret bonus.

How do you access the secret bonus? It wouldn't be much of a secret if we told you, but there are several hints contained in the pages of the Tech Centre if you are stuck.

Formation Bonus SystemEdit

New in Intensity XS: Recharge is the formation bonus system. A certain enemy craft will only stay on the screen for a short amount of time and do not have to be destroyed in order to win the game. Examples of such craft are the Interceptors, Sabre Wings, Carrier Craft, among others. If all such ships within one attack wave are destroyed, e.g. the entire formation of Interceptors is eliminated, an additional bonus is awarded. The size of the bonus depends on the difficulty level of the craft, as well as the number of craft in each formation. While it can at times be quite dangerous to try to obtain the formation bonus, it is a challenge that veterans of the game will likely want to rise to.