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Buzz Off! was Midnight Synergys 1999 prototype game. It was a homage to the classic arcade game

Game play

Defender. You play as a lone guardian being sent to defend a number of cities that are under attack of bugs and many other critters. Wave after wave of enemy forces will invade your world, some will attack you directly while others will start an aerial bombardment of the settlements. Its the matter of survival, both for you and the cities you were sent to protect.


The instructions were to use the keyboard to control your player. The Shift key switches your direction. The Spacebar fires your weapon. Keep an close eye on your radar as it would warn you of an incoming enemy fighters. Your on board computer would also warn you if your city is under attack. Rush to destroy the attacker before the city is destroyed.

The game demo included five enemy designs which were The Crab Like Hunter, The Spiky Sharp Shot, The Splitter, The Radar Jammer, & The Lumbering City Bombers. There are two test backgrounds, you can switch between them by pressing the F1 or F2 keys.

Important Notes Edit

Read before trying this game!Edit

  • This game was very hard and unforgiving. You would need quick fingers to survive any length of time. Keep an eye on the radar at all times, and keep your speed in check. Practice makes perfect, could you make it to the high score list?
  • The game may not work at all on your computer, it is only a prototype and it was only written on the Windows 98 system. You will need to make sure that your internet security doesn't delete the BuzzOff.exe file.
  • In many prototype designs they will insert many temporary graphics & sounds from other sources only to just test out the feel of the game. In this prototype some sound effects are sampled from the Star Wars movies & the soundtrack consists the sampled loops of the early 90s dance floor hit "For Your Love" by BKS.

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