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Chompers are an aggressive race of beasts that thrive in Wonderland.

Physical Appearance[]

A Yellow Chomper.

A Red Chomper

Chompers appear to look like an endless biting set of teeth, they have eyes on the upper top of their bodies and come in 2 colours: Red and Yellow. Peegue often compares them to crocodiles due to their aggressive grunt they make. In Wonderland Adventures series, only Red Chompers appear.


Chomper behaviour is perhaps the most interesting of all Wonderland's creatures, they like to chase after a Stinker in line-to-line fashion, if their way is blocked they stay where they are.(In Wonderland Adventure, the chomper(s) will attempt to find and alternative way to reach you if possible) If there are 2 Stinkers then they will only chase after one, in the regular case that their coloured cousin is with them, the

A Red Chomper in Wonderland Adventures

y will go after the other Stinker and ignore the one their coloured relative is chasing.

Red Chomper's priority: Stinky -> Loof -> Qookie -> Peegue

Gold Chomper's priority: Loof -> Qookie -> Peegue -> Stinky

Example: There are Stinky, Loof and Red Chomper. If Stinky exit the stage the red chomper will head toward Loof.

In Wonderland Adventure, the speed of each chompers vary so they are much more dangerous than their predessor.