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Easy to learn, Impossable to put down! Colony pitches you against challenge after challenge on your quest to conquer a series of wierd worlds. Match wits with friends or your computer as you struggle to expand your colony. Featuring beautifully rendered 3D isometric graphics and a creepy audio-visual atmosphere. This stategic puzzle game might well turn out to be your next obsession. Colony was released in 1999 on the Mountain King Studios website, Midnight Synergy launched their website in 2000. Colony was also Midnight Synergy's first release for Windows operating systems. Colony has also had made more apperances on computer systems than any other Midnight Synergy games to date.

Features Edit

  • Fun & educational gameplay for the whole family
  • Intuitive interface, easy to learn
  • 60 single layer levels
  • 10 multiplayer boards
  • Rich 3D graphics and audio

International Versions and Titles for ColonyEdit

There has been some Japanese and German versions of Colony. There is a conversion of Colony for the Sega Dreamcast called Get! Colonies, which was only released in Japan. There is another Japanese clone of Colony called Hello Kitty: Lovely Fruit Park which is skirmish-only and only available on the Sega Dreamcast, it features popular Sanrio characters of Hello Kitty. There was also a retail version of colony released in Germany. Colony has also appeared on a variety of pocket PC computers such as Palm and N-Gage, thisversion was ported by Rusty Axe Games.

Translated names for ColonyEdit

Though, Midnight Synergy's version of Colony had German and Portuguese language options while foregin version of Colony were only in German and Japanese, but here are some translations.

German Kolonie/Colonize!/Bug Kolonie
Portuguese Colônia
Japanese コロニー (Colony)/プレゼント!コロニー (Get! Colonies)/ハローキティ:ラブリーフルーツパーク (Hello Kitty: Lovely Fruit Park)
Chinese 殖民地
Lithuanian Kolonija
Norwegian Koloni
Greek Aποικία
Spanish Colonia
Finnish Siirtomaa
French Colonie
Italian Colonia
Hungarian Kolónia
Dutch Kolonie
Polish Kolonia
Swedish Koloni

Colony on Atari STEdit


Original Colony on Atari ST

The Atari ST version of Colony was published by ST-Deluxe in 1991. Midnight Synergy did not have any 3D graphics or digital sound effects back then and they liked it that way. The Atari ST version of Colony has many differences to the modern PC version, both in visuals and gameplay.

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