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Guggenheimer as he appears.


Guggenheimer is a student of the Red Rainbow Magic.

Role in Wonderland AdventuresEdit

He is a resident in WonderTown and makes appearences in Wonderland Adventures. Guggenheimer also uses Floing magic to allow the player to travel back in time. This will allow the player to play the old levels that the player has been completed or cheated. When you visit an old level, you will not be able to use your new items you have collected, but if you do get more coins or gems than the last time you played the level you will get to keep them.

Role in Wonderland Adventures: Mysteries of Fire IslandEdit

He travels to fire island with the player and the rest of the crew. He accompanies the player through The Jungle, The Canyon, The Kaboom! Village, The Floing Void and the Jungle Temple. He discovered how Magic Gloves can be charged with Floing as well as The Magic Room. He used Floing to allow the player to travel back in time in this game as well.

Role in Wonderland Adventures: Planet of the Z-BotsEdit

Guggenheimer is one of the wizards you free when you first visit the planet of the z-bots. He also is seen in the Jeeboos' structure and the player has to find the Jeeboo's flow to get them to free him. He also reminds the player of how to use floing in the Jeeboo's structures. This is the only game where Guggenheimer is not the one who floings you back in time. Einstein does instead.