About the HTE Transport ShipEdit


HTE Transport Ship

The HTE Transport Ship is an ship that appears in the Intensity XS games. This High-Tech-Equitment Transport Ship is a primary supply ship for the Mon Saanti Invasion Force and therefore consitutes an important target for you. Destroying a Transport Ship not only it disrupts enemy strategies, it will also allow you to salvage its cargo.

Bonus and Power-Up ModulesEdit

The most v
IXS modules

IXS Modules from left to right: Power Up, Torpedo Salvos, 250 extra credits, Bonus and Damage Modules

aluable cargo is the Power-Up Modules. The IXS Prototype Craft has its unique ability to incorperate these Modules into their own systems, and will hence to upgrade its offensive and defences capabilities. It is imperative that you collect as many Power-Up Modules as you can.

Other NotesEdit

The HTE Transport Ship is unarmed, while you should avoid a ship-to-ship collision, the Transporter will pose no other threat to your IXS Prototype Craft.