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The ultimate adrenaline rush!Edit

The twisted Mon Saanti Empire has unleashed its destructive force in a merciless invasion of other systems. Subverting formerly peaceful species & bio-engineeing them into formidable enemies. The Mon Saanti forces had brought the entire galaxy to the brink of chaos. As commandor of the IXS prototype fighter craft, you are the best hope to restore the order of the galaxy. You will need to comfront wave after wave of bizzare & powerful enimies in your attempt to stop the alien menace. This game was released in 2000. The sequel was released in 2001.

Intence is the only word to describe the expirience!


  • Precise & easy to learn mouse controlls
  • 8 stages with over 50 attack waves
  • 30 distinct enemy types
  • 15 different weapon systems
  • All digital soundtrack-audio by ReFraction
  • Beautiful 3D rendered graphics

Titles in Other LanguagesEdit

Though, Midnight Synergy never translated this game or its sequel in other languages, but here are a few translations.

Danish Intensitet XS
German Intensität XS
Greek XS Έντασης
Spanish XS Intensidad
Persian شدتXS
French XS Intensité
Italian Intensità XS
Hebrew XS עוצמת
Hungarian Intenzitás XS
Dutch Intensiteit XS
Japanese 強度XS
Norwegian Intensitet XS
Portuguese XS Intensidade
Russian Интенсивность XS
Swedish Intensitet XS
Chinese 强度XS

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