• FRAZZLED ***

Copyright (C) 2003 Midnight Synergy


System Requirements


Pentium 200 Mhz+ Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP 32 MB RAM or more 25 MB drivespace or more Direct X 7.0 or higher Direct 3D compatible Video Card with at least 8MB Sound Card recommended

Note that performance is primarily dependant on your video card. Frazzled will run smoothly on a lower end Pentium with a recent/fast video card, but will require a faster processor if your video card is less recent.



A Midnight Synergy Production Design, Code, Visuals - Patrick Maidorn Music & Sound FX - David Franco Additional Music (Level 6) - Martin Eglseder Frazzled Voice - Dr. P. Software Development Consultant - Claire Polster

Technical Support


1. The game is running slow!

Frazzled is designed to run on even lower-end Pentium systems, provided that they have a fairly recent graphics card. Here are some options if your system meets the minimum requirements, but the game still runs slow. Try changing to a lower resolution or lowering the detail level in the Options Menu. Also make sure that you have no programs running in the background of your system, such as Ad-Ware or Spy-Ware programs. Check out for Ad-Aware, a program that checks your system for such malicious software. Finally, ensure that you do not have a virus that might be affecting your system .

2. The game doesn't run at all!

Ensure that you have the latest DirectX drivers. You can download them at for free. Also make sure that your video- and sound-card drivers are up to date. Visit the manufacturers website for updates. Check for viruses and Spy-Ware (see above). If all else fails, contact us at and include a detailed description of the problem and your system specifications.

3. I've deleted my Player Character!!!

Don't panic. If a player character is deleted, a backup copy is stored in the Players directory with the .bak extension. Simply rename "playername.bak" to "playername.pla", and off you go!

4. I've switched to Windowed Mode, but it's still Fullscreen

Some older video cards will not allow Windowed Mode in certain resolutions. You might have some success by changing the resolution to 640x480, or you might have a video card incapable of Windowed Mode - in which case Frazzled will automatically switch back to Fullscreen.

5. I've switched to Windowed Mode, and now the game doesn't run

If your video card is completely incompatible with Windowed Mode, simply delete the "options.dat" file to restore your original (FullScreen) system settings.




Individual users have the right to use the registered version they purchased directly from Midnight Synergy, and are allowed to make copies for backup purposes only. Users are not permitted to share copies with other users, or distribute the registered version of Frazzled in any form.

Publishers: Please contact for any questions regarding distribution of the commercial version of Frazzled.

Release History


v1.00 - initial release v1.04 - improved GeForce compatability