Morklin as he appears

Morklin is a stinker that was first introduced in Wonderland Adventures. He is a very wise stinker and he studies at the Wonderland Museum located in WonderTown. He also guides the player through Wonderland Adventures, Wonderland Adventures: Mysteries of Fire Island, and Wonderland Adventures: Planet of the Z-Bots.


Role in Wonderland AdventuresEdit

Morklin is described as a wise stinker who was one of the first stinkers to teach and study Rainbow Magic. You are told to go to him when you find the Orange Shard. Morklin then shows you the indigo shard, right afterwards, the indigo shard gets stolen, and you have to retreive it. Afterwards, Morklin introduces you to Wysp, and later in the game he teaches you how the shards work.

Role in Mysteries of Fire IslandEdit

Morklin appears in the beginning of Wonderland Adventures: Mysteries of Fire Island. He joins the player in Wonderfalls and helps to check nobody's hurt after the peices of burning sky fall. He helps the player reach the caves behind Wonderfalls. The player helps Morklin activate the Sky Machine and Morklin tells the player about the Star Key and the necessity of it to activate the machine. Morklin also appears at the end of the game after readying the sky machine for activation.

Role in Planet of the Z-botsEdit

Zoopi Lala guides you to save Morklin after the crash on the planet of the z-bots. Morklin tries afterwards to destroy the Void Crystal with flash magic, but the Z-bot Prime prevents him and almost kills him, but the Rainbow Stars teleportt Morklin  away in the last second. He is one of the rainbow wizards you need to rescue to advance in the game, you find him in a rift in space and time linked to the Wonderland Academy.


Wonderland AdventuresEdit

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Wonderland Adventures Mysteries of fire islandEdit

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Hello again! Remember me? It's Morklin!

It's such a beautiful day in Wonderland today.

The sky is blue, the air is fresh, it's just perfect!

I'm just happy. Everything has been so calm and peaceful in Wonderland lately. I feel that nothing could go wrong today.

No, today is just wonder... WHAT'S THAT ?!?!?!

Oh my oh my oh my!!! It looked like a piece of burning sky fell down to Wonderland.

Quick, it crashed in the hills... Let's go and make sure nobody got hurt. Follow me!

They are getting themselves into trouble.