Rail Gun in use

The Rail Gun is a weapon used by The IXS Prototype Craft in the Intensity XS games.

Using a Rail GunEdit

The Rail Gun is one of the more powerful weapons in your arsenal, but it is also the most difficult to use effectively. It fires highly charged particles at velocities close to the speed of light. The projectiles are so energetic that they ionize particles surrounding them, creating colourful circular waves in their wake.

Note that the shockwaves themselves do not cause any damage. You must aim the Rail Gun very precisely so that the central particle stream hits your target.

Note also that the particle stream can punch through any solid object. This will enable you to hit targets hiding behind cover, and also enables you to hit multiple targets that are lined up in your sight.

Finally, the nature of the Rail Gun means that long, skinny ships take comparatively more damage, as the particle will traverse their entire length, damaging more systems along its path.

The Rail Gun is not easy to use effectively, but once you have understood and mastered these techniques, it will become a powerful ally in your struggle.