Stinkers are a race of peaceful creatures that live and thrive in Wonderland.

Physical AppearanceEdit


Stinky, a well renowned hero of Wonderland.

A Stinkers appearance is that of a spherical yellow-shaped creature, they have large eyes and

Mayor Peegue, the headpin of WonderTown.

they all wear hats, each hat is usually a different design and colour and magicians wear wizard hats to differ themselves. Stinkers are not always yellow, some are more brownish or golden and some wear glasses. Many stinkers differ in size, some thin and tall, others stubby and short. They have 4 fingers on their hands just like The Simpsons, Phinease and Ferb, The Flintstones, Mario and Luigi, Mickey Mouse, The Griffin Family (Family Guy), The Smith Family (American Dad!), Ed, Edd n Eddy, The Jetsons, Fry and Leela (Futurama), Dexter (Dexter's Labratory), Charlie Brown, The Thing (Fantastic Four), Stay Puft Marshmellow Man (Ghostbusters), Dipper and Mabel (Gravity Falls), The Belcher Family (Bob's Burgers), Postman Pat, Bob the Builder, etc.


Many Stinkers live in a variety of magical locations, the most known location being WonderTown, where over 1000 stinkers live and prosper governed under the peaceful Peegue, mayor of the town. A known resident called Qookie lives in a quiet little cottage near the base of the tretcherous Foggy Mountain, other known locations include the mysterious Fire Island to the south and Stinky's Cove where a variety of races live.


Although Stinkers are free-spirited and go about on their own terms, there are times where there are ruling political figures, a well known political figure is Mayor Peegue, who rules the peaceful WonderTown with serenity and fair judgement. Other stinkers such as Stinky and Loof live about their free will with excitement.

Notable StinkersEdit

Stinkers That Have Been Around Since the Classic TrilogyEdit

  • Stinky - A renowned hero of the stinkers.
  • Loof - A small, playful and heroic stinker.
  • Peegue - Mayor of WonderTown.
  • Qookie - An intelligent and resourceful stinker living in a quiet cottage.

Stinkers from Wonderland Adventures/NPC StinkersEdit

Custom StinkerEdit

See Custom Stinker for more information

The Wonderland Adventures game sub-series allows the players to create their own Stinkers. The Custom Stinker Creator interface has a very wide variety of hats never seen before, and allows you to fully customize your Stinker. To put a custom Stinker in the Return to Wonderland Level Editor, you must make it within a Custom Model, although it still can't move and will act as a statue; it will only have the appearance of a Stinker.