What is SuperTux? It is an open-source game without any stinkers.

SuperTux is a classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game in a style similar to the original Super Mario games. The Milestone1 release of SuperTux features 9 enemies, 26 playable levels, software and OpenGL rendering modes, configurable joystick and keyboard input, new music and completely redone graphics. Together with a little story, we hope to provide a good gaming experience with this first Milestone release.

The improvements in Milestone1 are in huge part the result of the work done surrounding the Game of the Month March 2004 event on

Introduction Story Edit

Penny gets captured!

Tux and Penny were out having a nice picnic in the ice fields of Antarctica. Suddenly, a creature jumped from behind an ice bush, there was a flash, and Tux fell asleep!

When Tux wakes up, he finds that Penny is missing. Where she lay before now lies a letter. “Tux, my arch enemy!” says the letter. “I’ve captured my beautiful Penny and have taken her to my fortress. Give up the thought of trying to rescue her, you haven’t a chance!” – Nolok

Tux looks and sees Nolok’s fortress in the distance. Determined to save his beloved Penny, he begins his journey.

SuperTux 0.3.0 Edit

Image: Tux jumping on the menu.
Image: Tux on the shortened Antarctica.

Released December 17th 2006, this is a preview of what is to become Milestone 2.

Image: Tux on the forest world.
Image: Tux was wearing a firefighter hat and jumping.

Lots of new features can already be tried out, e.g. levels that scroll in all directions, levels with multiple sectors, moving platforms, a shortened ice world and a whole new forest world.

Image: Tux is avoiding a snake.

The game runs in Windows, Mac and Linux.

Image: Tux finished the goal.

SuperTux 0.1.2 Edit

Image: Tux in the bonus island.

This is a release for the big SuperTux fans. We were asked to make more levels, making some more challenging, so here's our answer. This version has a brand new Bonus Island map, new map features, a new enemy and some new tiles.

SuperTux 0.1.1 Edit

Image: Tux in the menu.

This version basically features the built-in editor that was removed from the previous release (0.1.0), new hand-written fonts and a few bug fixes.

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