The Foggy Mountains are a set of land snowy mountains in the northern hemisphere of Wonderland.


In general, the mountains are located in the arctic region of Wonderland and reach high heights and feature a
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Map of Foggy mountains

snowy appearance. 15 levels make up the beautiful mountains, with the exception of clear Crystal Lake and the 4 caves to the west & east, each level gives the player a sense of going up to the peak where the quartet of heroes place their flag of triumph.

The secret gate to the The Clouds can be accessed from the peek but require Rainbow Stars.

Levels of Foggy MountainsEdit

Wonderland Secret WorldsEdit

  • Qookie's Cottage: This level introduces Qookie in her first adventure around her cottage
  • The Foothills: The united heroes make their way up in a new puzzle
  • The Wonderland Ice Fields: This level introduces the ice statues that burst fires in 4 directions when hit
  • Crystal Lake: The gang must make their way around the icy Crystal Lake
  • Avalanche Alley: Each of the gang must make their way past dangerous obstacles and get to the lodge for breakfest
  • The Lost Wonderland Mine (secret): Stinky makes his way to the lost mine of the mountains and must brave the explosive challenges
  • Base Camp: Stinky must stop some Kabooms and a Coily to free his friends and have their lunch
  • Entrance to "The Caves": The gang must solve a few puzzles to enter the cave
  • The Road is Blocked: The gang become split up and must triumph each cave by separation
  • Ice Cave: The icy cavernous caves send the heroes riding
  • Cannon Cave: Cannons everywhere with placed mirrors
  • Kaboom! Cave: Kabooms haunt this cave complex
  • Hide & Seek: The gang play a fun game of Hide & Seek in the snow before venturing to the second mountain base
  • Alien Resort: The gang stumble onto an alien resort where the UFOs rest
  • Foggy Peak: The gang must brave their way to place the flag at the top of foggy peak

Wonderland AdventuresEdit