Walls with different sizes

A wall is a basic tile that is found in all Wonderland games. It obstructs everything that gets passed it.

Wall HeightsEdit

Walls can come in various heights. The height of an wall will not affect the gameplay but can later be used to make a level look bigger. A height of a wall is determined by an number. (e.g. A 2.0 wall is twice as high as a 1.0 wall) In Wonderland and Return to Wonderland Classic, there is only one height of a wall, the 1.0 wall. In Return To Wonderland Deluxe and Wonderland Secret Worlds, there are 2 more heights: 1.5 and 2.0 walls. In Wonderland Adventures series, Walls have very customizable heights. In the editor, you can define wall heights from 0.0 to 5.0, increasing them and decreasing them by 0.1. You can even use negative values to -5.0, which will create a pit instead of a wall.

Fake WallEdit

A fake wall is a tile which has the appearance of a wall, but is actually a normal floor tile. Fake walls usually have a slightly different appearance from normal walls, e.g. lighter, darker, more contrast, or have a decoration or doorway drawn on them. In addition to their official name, fake walls, they are also known as secret walls or weak walls.

Other Midnight Synergy games that feature wallsEdit